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The Dancer Project
Youth Ensemble

The Dancer Project Youth Ensemble launched in the Spring of 2019. With 10 youth cast members, we raised funds for our scholarship program and went into communities that lacked art and performed.

By partaking in The Dancer Project Youth Ensemble, the students receive one on one coaching by Artistic Director, Jennifer Foster-Drake, growth within their technique, potential for solo work choreographed on them, as well as the chance to dive deeper into the ballet or contemporary roles they are learning, while bonding with dancers in a company like setting. 

Depending on enrollment and roles casted, your child may not be required to attend every Saturday or for the entire length of rehearsal, but we do suggest blocking out the time on the chance they are needed for the full rehearsal.

The participation fee to be a part of The Youth Ensemble this semester is a one time fee of  $350 and will be due by January 13th. The fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. This covers the cost of all rehearsals, all coaching, and all costuming. What you are investing in, is for your child's future in dance and the community we are cultivating at The Dancer Project to share art in our surrounding communities by offering them the chance for even more performing opportunities. 

If you are already a registered student of The Dancer Project and would like to be a part of our Youth Ensemble, please read the Youth Ensemble Requirements below and then fill out the form that denotes, 'TDP Student Youth Ensemble Registration'. You will be given a follow up email prior to the start of rehearsal. Although all levels will still have their class piece in the performance, what the Youth Ensemble will provide is more performing opportunities. If you are new you must send in an audition video prior to the beginning of the season for class placement and for casting purposes.


(By  registering, you acknowledge you have read and adhere to the total requirements to be a participant in The Dancer Project Youth Ensemble.)

The requirements to attend our Youth Ensemble program are as follows:

Your child MUST attend all rehearsals that they are called to.

Levels 1-6 may apply.

- Registration ends January 6th. 

- There will be only 2 total excused absences. No excuses.  If you have a known scheduling conflict, it must be approved by Artistic Director, Jennifer Foster-Drake, in writing, PRIOR to the start of rehearsals. If you feel there will be more than 2 rehearsal conflicts, we advise that you do not register for the Youth Ensemble as rehearsal time is valuable and all rehearsals are necessary. If there are more than two after rehearsals have begun, casting may be affected due to absences. This includes absences during Spring Break. 

- There will be a mandatory and  extended rehearsal on February 10th and 17th by 1 hour . No absences. No exceptions.  

Dependent on casting and student enrollment in the Youth Ensemble program, your child may not be required to attend the entire rehearsal scheduled on every Saturday but we do suggest having the rehearsal time blocked out.

- All fees are due by Janurary 13th.

- You are to provide all transportation to and from community performances.

- Rehearsals begin February 3rd. 

- On stage Performances will be May 4th and 5th at the Looby Theater. 

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