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Community Division
Community Division drop in classes are for dancers looking for a less strict class training schedule and may drop in to classes that are scheduled for each level designated drop in day. This option is training for dancers looking to add more technique classes to their existing dance schedule, recreational dancers looking to try different styles of movement without having to commit to more than their chosen classes, cross training for athletes, college students with rigorous academic schedules, the professional dancer passing through town or on their off season, or adults wanting a great work out while learning the art of dance.  
Dance is for  EVERYONE.
What the Community Division offers is the opportunity for artists to explore different dance styles around their schedules! This gives dancers the opportunity to "dip their toes in the water" and see if it is something they want to further commit to with our Performance Training Track Division or simply enjoy the many benefits of dance one class at a time!
  • Drop-in classes for Youth are for two of the five month semesters space permitting and for levels 1-5. You are also permitted to try a class that is an age above or below if open and dependent on ability. You will need to pre-register below prior to your first class. Payment is to be made below as well. All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 
  • Adult drop-in classes are for the full semester.​ You will need to pre-register below prior to your first class. 
  • Before your first class, you or the legal guardian will need to sign a waiver for those below the age of 18 and this will be emailed to you once we receive your initial registration notification below.
  •  There is no dress code for Drop in classes for either youth or adults but we do require ballet shoes on our dance floor, masks are required for all drop in classes, and hair needs to be in a bun or updo. Temperatures are checked at the door and must be below 99.9 degrees and pass our health questionnaire. 
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