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The Dancer Project Conservatory, located in Nashville,TN believes dance should be accessible and affordable for everyone no matter age or ability.

We provide quality, professional dance instruction, and performances at unmatched prices. We strive to serve communities lacking access to art, with free educational outreach programs and live performances.

Performance art shouldn't be exclusive.

We make it accessible to attend and dance, at The Dancer Project. 

We, at The Dancer Project, understand how difficult life can get financially.

The Performance Training Track, is OVER HALF the tuition cost of that of the same quality training at other surrounding dance studios in Nashville and around the country. We also provide work-study programs for those who need additional help with our low costs tuition so that no one gets turned away.

Our mission is 'the pursuit to preserve, produce, and promote performing arts'.

We encourage you to come and see for yourself, as we live out that mission and hopefully, Join The Pursuit.

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