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We at The Dancer Project believe dance is for EVERYONE. 


Through our Adult Community Collaborator program, we provide performing opportunities for both classical ballet and contemporary.

The price to perform is per project. The participation fee covers the cost of rehearsals, individual coaching, and custom costumes.

Upcoming Project

'The Nutcracker'

Deadline to apply is August 5th

Performances are December 16th and/or 17th at The Looby Theater

Information below: 

  • There are 2 performance options and rehearsal days to choose from. You may participate in 1 or both of the options.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our Adult Community Collaborator Program. Rehearsals for The December Performance series to choose from will be: Saturday 1:45-4:45. Casting is made dependent on your availability and skill level.

  • You will be required to stay consistent with rehearsing as casting and scheduling for rehearsals will be determined on availability as well as skill level.

  • Rehearsals begin August 26th and run through the performance. You may not be called to every rehearsal or for the full duration of the rehearsal time slot. 

  • Payment is due August 5th and is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

  • The participation fee for The Fall Performance series is a $350. This covers rehearsals, individual coaching, and custom costuming

  • September 23rd is a mandatory rehearsal.

  • There will only be allowed 2 excused absence for the duration of the project and will need to be submitted in writing at the beginning of the project to Artistic Director, Jennifer Foster-Drake for approval. If you anticipate having more than 1 absence, we advise you to not apply for the project. 

  • Saturday October 8th and 15th will have limited rehearsals. 

  • Please Note: If you have never been to the take class at The Dancer Project,  be advised that you will be instructed to take a class prior to the project's start date OR provide dance footage of your dancing. This will allow you to meet our director and have her assess where you will be best casted and placed in the performance.

  • Registration form is below.







At age 40, I decided to learn ballet. I had taken dance for a few years as a child, but hadn’t stepped inside a studio in decades. I tried various classes, but it wasn’t until I walked through the doors of The Dancer Project that I truly found my home as a dancer. I started taking ballet because I wanted more beauty in my life, and along the way I’ve found discipline, courage, focus, and a community of friends and encouragers. I’ve even performed en pointe in a full-length ballet production. And physically, I’m in the best shape of my life. None of it would have been possible without the leadership and vision of Jennifer Foster-Drake, The Dancer Project’s Artistic Director. She has created an environment where all welcome and supported, and The Dancer Project is one of the most inclusive and joy-filled communities I’ve ever been a part of. Her mission to make dance accessible and available for anyone who wants to participate is revolutionary. I’m proud to #jointhepursuit!

Alexa Hulsey

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