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The heartbeat of The Dancer Project, located in Goodlettsville,TN, began when our Artistic Director, Jennifer Foster-Drake, had a vision for the dance world to be a more inviting, accessible, open, healthy, and inclusive environment.


Art is the fabric of society. It inspires, creates community, and innovation. Unfortunately, with every company Mrs. Foster-Drake was a part of, something was missing. T

he art she loved became overly commercialized and therefore intangible for a large portion of society to see live performances.

It created challenges for many artists who may not have been the perfect "this" or the right "that". At age of 30, Jennifer was told she was "too old" to join a well established company upon having an already well established career. 


So... she decided to start her own dance community,

thus The Dancer Project seed was planted.


The Dancer Project is for EVERYONE.

Those who are considered the black sheep, the dark horse, the outcast, the misfit, the ones seeking an outlet for self expression, and those looking for a community with like-minded individuals, will find a home at The Dancer Project.

Our studio knows no bounds.

No one is too "this" or too "that" at The Dancer Project.

You are perfect the way you are and we would love for you to come create art with us. 

We plan to live out our mission of the pursuit to preserve, produce, and promote performing arts. If you want a space to belong, create, have fun, let loose, and to be inspired, come...

Join The Pursuit.

We provide professional, affordable, and quality dance training for youth and adults.

Our current classes include creative movement, pre-ballet, ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, conditioning, partnering, variations, and contemporary.   

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