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Sarah M-D.

I have lived in Nashville for 4 years now, having come from London, UK. I have been searching for dance classes for my daughter and son since then and tried many over the 4 years. I could never find quite the right fit. What I was looking for seemed impossible - a place that fosters and nurtures a child's love of dancing without being overly strict, a place where parents can choose to watch if they want but no pressure either way (I've been to dance schools where they literally put cardboard up in the door so you couldn't see in ), a place that is affordable, a class that leads to a recital at the end to give the kids purpose and direction, a room that is conducive to dance without being intimidating to newbies, teachers who seem to enjoy what they are doing and are genuinely inclusive. I am over the moon to be able to say I found it! It is the Dancer Project! My 4 yo son attended his first class recently and he was welcomed with open arms. The class was driven without being demanding and the teacher Miss Sarah was absolutely wonderful with the children. Of course with a class of 3 and 4 year olds you can get the odd moment where a child leaves the class to seek a parent's comfort and this did not disrupt the class at all and no child was chastised for doing this. The other parents were so lovely and welcoming too which I think is a reflection of the school and the staff. The Dancer Project reminded me very much of my own dance experience as a child and that warmed my heart. I am so, so glad I found this place and I'm hopeful in time that, after some not so great experiences at other schools, my older child will give dance another go now that we have found a home. If you are looking for a dance school that is super professional yet unpretentious and will welcome your child with open arms, this is it!
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